Week 1 1st - 7th March
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Monday 1st

Having made a firm decision to stand, things are simplified. I can close any other avenues without any compunction. It feels good to be decided!

Started on my manifesto and phoned a printer to get a rough cost for printing 5000 colour copies of A4 and 2000 compliments slips, assuming I provided him with the files. He came back with a cost of about 500 and 95 respectively.

Tuesday 2nd

Having decided to commit myself to this standing-for-deputy lark and I've spent the last few days at various meetings, talking to the right people and designing my manifesto - the latest copy of which I attach for your amusement! I am going to be in a mock hustings next Thursday which should be funny. I am totally crap at sticking to an argument - I say something like "my view on blah is blah" and someone says "yes, but what about blah" and I'm too reasonable and I just say "yes, you've got a point there"! No good! I must learn to be more dogmatic and less reasonable!

Wednesday 3rd
Peoples' meeting, Haute Capelles School

Discussions of the car park at the hospital, Mary Lowe & Eric Walters requetes to look further into the IDC Sandpiper decision and the losses suffered by local contractors at the airport building.

Thursday 4th
Friday 5th
Saturday 6th
11am Visit John Nicolle

An interesting couple of hours with John, after which I came away feeling a bit disheartened. John is a strong parish man - he went to St Martins school when he was a boy and whenever he has been in the island, has lived in St Martins. I think perhaps we are the most parochial of the parishes. I feel the same - St Martins is home!

Got the feeling, however, that he strongly feels that the right way into the States in the procurer of the poor -> constable -> douzaine -> douzaine rep -> deputy route - and I couldn't help feeling somewhat persuaded. He's a stalwart of the parish and will always be so - he represents solid old Guernsey. And very knowledgeable about St Martins - I learnt about the cantons of St Martins and the role of the procurer. A real education! Both he and his son are very aware of the environment too - very strong common ground!

Sunday 7th
11am Meet Chris George for photos.

Chris met me at the Bon Port Hotel and took the photos with the Peastacks in the background. Nice. It was all modelled on a photo of me trekking on the Inca Trail - perhaps a little too casual but ah well!

I realised later that I should have taken a jacket and shirt with me to have some slightly more formal shots taken - oops! So I took a few more with my camera of me in the garden with the requisite respectable attire.

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