Care for Our Environment

The islandís environment should be our proudest possession: our beautiful beaches, valleys, lanes and open spaces. It is our heritage and it will be our legacy. It has a great impact on our quality of life.

Because of a lack of action at the crucial time, the island is now faced with a critical problem of waste disposal. For similar reasons of political inactivity, Guernsey remains one of the few places in the western world which still pumps raw sewage into the sea. We need to address this issue as a matter of urgency.

I am very concerned about the ever-growing number of cars on the roads and would like to see more concern shown for pedestrians and cyclists to keep our lanes alive and safe. The 2002 Integrated Traffic Strategy has stalled; we need make the hard decisions and get on with implementing it.

Our environment is changing too

The bus service has improved and, now that people have learnt that they can rely on it, patronage is good and growing but there is still scope for improvement. Efficiency could be improved and the impact on the lanes reduced by adding tailored routes, using smaller buses.

Population growth and development are very real concerns. The Rural Area Plan shows consideration, for some of our green spaces but allows development in others. The islandís tree coverage is a shocking 3%! We need to be very careful not to lose sight of the trees for the buildings. We must preserve our green space and even try to encourage more to be put aside.