Common Sense -
and Education

My scientific background has led me to believe that we should try above all to be rational when making policy. Reason and common sense tempered with humanity shall be my guiding principles.

Important social initiatives have been slow in coming - and routinely opposed by some deputies - but we are now in the happy position of seeing progress made in the important areas of health and housing and a long-overdue commitment to education. All the children of the island must be nurtured - investment in education is investment in our future. I shall try to ensure that the States' recent commitment to schools is honoured and that its initiatives on housing and health benefit all the people of the island.

Education is changing

My experience in Information Technology suggests to me that we could be looking in that direction as a discipline complementary to and, perhaps later, as a successor to our successful finance industry. Again, education is paramount if we are to thrive in the event of change in this area.

We must make a priority of the quality of life enjoyed by us and our children. We can do this by educating our children well and setting an example by taking good care of our environment.