Active Government for the People

For too long, the people of St Martins have had little choice in their representatives at the States; I believe this has discouraged many from taking an active interest in local politics. This year, however, the structure of government is changing - with the aim of making politics more representative. I am taking the opportunity to offer the voters of St Martins and St Andrews an alternative.

Government is changing

We must ensure that the Bailiwick remains a pleasant place to live, that our beautiful island is not spoilt and that we think about the long term impacts of all of our decisions but that does not mean that we should be afraid of change. We must be flexible and guide the tide of change in a positive direction.

Many of the politicians of recent years have been afraid to "raise their heads above the parapet" (or to do so only when elections approach!); they have preferred the anonymity of inaction. Others have minimised their responsibility by simply opposing any proposed solutions to pressing issues. After the forthcoming changes in government, we should expect our politicians to be more proactive and more responsive to the people they represent. I promise to do so. If elected, I will not disappear into the chamber. I will stay in touch with the people of the south.

I will also press for more transparency in government and more accountability to you, the people of Guernsey. If elected, I will personally strive to improve communication between government and the people.